Special Olympians compete at state bowling

Central Montana Eagles pose for a photo with their coach, Rex Coleman (second from right), at the State Special Olympic Bowling Competition held lat Sunday in Billings.                                                                         

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Bauer

Doreen Heintz
Sports Editor

For the first time bowling was separated from the State Special Olympic Summer Games competition. The summer games were held in May in Missoula, while state bowling took place on Sunday, Sept. 25 in Billings.
“The state office moved bowling out of the summer games because there are over 450 athletes who bowl, and bowling had outgrown all the areas we normally do state at,” said Kaylene Patten, local director of Special Olympics. “Now we do state competition in bowling in different locations.
“This is also the first year our athletes were able to bowl singles, doubles and teams,” added Patten.
State Special Olympic bowling uses the Baker system of bowling. In a Baker Format game, a team will bowl toward one score. That is, rather than a typical league format in which teammates each bowl 10 frames and the team score is the sum of each individual score, an entire team will combine to bowl 10 frames in a Baker match.
Snowy Lanes owner Rex Coleman is the new bowling coach for the Central Montana Eagles. He has really helped the Eagles improve their bowling scores during the season.
Following are the results for the Central Montana Eagles at the state tournament.
Arthur Arriaga: third-place ribbon
Nathan Knox: gold medal
Patrick Yerman: silver medal
Danny Selph: fourth-place ribbon
Carson Patten: silver medal
Brian Jackson: third-place ribbon
Allisha Ayers: bronze medal
Phil Wichman: fourth-place ribbon
Amanda Thompson: fourth-place ribbon
Jess Arneson: silver medal
Jay McGuire: silver medal
Nathan and Carson: silver medal
Patrick and Arthur: fourth-place ribbon
Danny and Phil W.: fourth-place ribbon
Amanda and Allisha: fifth-place ribbon
Brian and Jay: bronze medal
Jess, Danny, Brian, Allisha, Jay: gold medal
Carson, Nathan, Arthur, Phil W., Patrick: silver medal



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