ELECTION RESULTS: Fergus County voters choose Republicans for state and local races

Around 78% of registered voters in Fergus County cast a ballot in Tuesday's election. As of 1 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the unofficial results for the HD 29 race showed Republican Dan Bartel with a lead of 3,709 to 963 over Democrat Dryn Durley, a roughly 80-20 percent split. In Senate District 15, Republican Ryan Osmundson held a 4,473 to 1,308 lead over Sean McConnaha. 

Fergus County voters chose Donald Trump by a wide margin over Hilary Clinton, 4,235 to 1,196. The Libertarian candidate earned 300 votes. Ryan Zinke earned 4,197 (70%) of the vote over Denise Juneau with 1,553 votes in the race for U.S. House of Representatives. 

In the race for governor, local voters chose Greg Gianforte with 60% of th3e vote to Steve Bullock with 36%. In other state races, Fergus County voters chose Republicans Corey Stapleton (71%) for Secretary of State; Tim Fox (82%) for Attorney General; Matt Rosendale (70%) for State Auditor and Elsie Arntzen (70%) for Supt of Public Instruction. 

The race for Supreme Court Justice 3 was close with Fergus voters choosing Kristin Juras over Dirk Sandefur, 2837-2571. 

On the intitiatives, Fergus voters said yes on CI-116 by 61% to 38%; No on I-177 with 78% of the vote; No on I-181 with 59% and No on I-182 with 56%. 

Look for complete election results as they become available. 



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