Cold abates next week

Sunday’s icicles melt in Monday’s sun along Main Street in Lewistown.

Photo by Jenny Gessaman


Last year, Nov. 5 was a balmy day with a high of 73. This year? A high of 11 with a low of 5. While the difference is clear, and sizeable, the cold snap wasn’t unprecedented for Meteorologist Bob Hoenisch.

“It’s not unheard of, but it’s definitely well below normal for this time of year,” he said.

The departure from Lewistown’s regular mid-November temperatures, usually in the upper 40s with nighttime lows in the mid-20s, should conclude with the week, according to Hoenisch.

“After a high of 11, that should feel much warmer,” he said.

Despite cooler weather, Lewistown local Dana Blumhardt and her husband still went hunting Saturday. Layers kept the cold at bay, and a different weather effect ended up hampering the couple’s efforts.

“The snow was too deep to go as high as we wanted to, or to go as far,” she said.

Blumhardt didn’t fill a tag, but she’s still glad she went.

“I still had a good time,” she said. “I still think it’s fun, you just have to plan better. The cold just makes you have to be smarter.”

Hoenisch attributed last week’s cold to a change in the jet stream.

“There was a pretty drastic change in the large-scale weather pattern,” he said.

The jet stream normally runs west to east across Central Montana, but Hoenisch explained when it buckles, the jet stream can flow from the north or south. That was the case for Central Montana last week.

“The jet stream went up into Alaska, and then dove down to the U.S., so it really brought the cold air down from the far northern region of Canada, down along the Rockies and into northern and central Montana,” he said.



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