City commission election filing closes June 19

Johnny Maier stands by the Lewistown City office Friday morning. Maier, a Lewistown native, is running for City Commissioner-Ward 3. The deadline to file is Monday.

Photo by Charlie Denison

Charlie Denison


Those interested in filing for public office in Lewistown and the surrounding areas must act fast, as the deadline to file for the position is Monday, June 19.

Fergus County Clerk and Recorder Rana Wichman said many have already filed for City Commissioner in Lewistown. Every race is contested.

In Ward 1, current commissioner Frank Gremaux’s term is up, and he has yet to file for re-election. However, there is much interest in his seat. Diane Oldenburg, R.E. (Dick) Krillenberger and Richard W. Battrick have all put their names in for the position. Oldenburg is the Central Montana Education Director, Krillenberger is a former chairman for the City of Lewistown Government Study Commission and Battrick is a longstanding community resident who frequently attends commission meetings.

In Ward 2, Patty Turk will run for re-election against Jiri L. Moor and Joseph Paul Kern. Moor, who has lived in Lewistown for four years, said she wants to do her part to “help Lewistown maintain what makes it great and grow in a healthy manner.” Kern currently serves as a member of the Fergus County Community Council.

Ward 3 also has a contested race, as Johnny Maier and Alexzandra Dunnington have thrown their hats in the ring. Maier is a 21-year-old Lewistown native and HCR fabricator who “would like to see some younger voices sitting on the City board.” Like Krillenberger, Dunnington is a former chairperson of the Government Study Commission and has also run for commissioner in the past.

Current commissioner-at-large Rick Poss has not filed for re-election. Two have filed to take his place: Clint Loomis and Jonathan Moor. Loomis is a retired art teacher, art gallery owner and avid outdoorsman. Jonathan is a former Marine and current Central Montana District Office Public Affairs Specialist for the Bureau of Land Management.

“This is more people than usually file,” Wichman said. “There has been some controversy in the City, so there is more interest right now.”


Outlying communities looking for mayor, commission candidates

Although the Grass Range mayoral race is contested between Edward Geary and Jeannie Walter, no one has filed for mayor in Denton or Moore and many City commission seats also remain open in those Fergus County communities.

“I hope that we’ll have mayoral candidates from these surrounding area towns,” Wichman said. “I will be sending emails to their clerks and try to hurry people in here.”

Wichman said a few city commission candidates are filing, as Shila Fischer filed for a four-year term and Wesley Hofer filed for a two-year term in Moore. In Grass Range, Ron Jordan and Harold Matovich have filed. Winifred only has one person running for commission (Rick Baker) and Travis Willson is running unopposed for mayor.




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